What are Parish Councils?

Parish councils work towards improving community well-being and providing better services at a local level. They are the tier of local government closest to the people.

What are we responsible for?

The parish of Hurley has responsibility for the well-being of the local neighbourhood. Our work falls into three main categories:

• representing the local community
• delivering services to meet local needs
• striving to improve quality of life in the parish.

Particular areas of responsibility include:

Full details of what all Parish Councils provide, maintain or contribute to are provided here>>

How do we make decisions?

The council has 10 councillors who meet regularly working together, suggesting ideas, engaging in constructive debate and responding to the needs and views of the community.

Where do we get the money from?

Each year a sum of money called a ‘precept’ is collected through your council tax. This money is invested back into the local neighbourhood to improve facilities and services. The Precept is also used to pay the salary of the Parish Clerk who is the officer responsible for ensuring that the duties of the Council are discharged correctly. Further details are provided here>>.

How are local councillors elected?

Councillors are elected to represent a geographical area known as a ward every 4 years, by the people who live in the area.

Who can vote in local council elections?

To vote you need to be 18, a British, Irish, EU, or Commonwealth country citizen and registered to vote. To get on the electoral register contact the electoral services at RBWM council to obtain a registration form.

What do local councillors do?

Councillors have three main areas of work:

1. Decision-making: decide those activities to support, where money should be spent, what services should be provided and what policies should be implemented.

2. Monitoring: make sure that decisions result in effective services by observing how well things are working.

3. Getting involved locally: as local representatives, we have responsibilities towards our constituents and local organisations.

Representing  Hurley, Warren Row and parts of Burchetts Green, Cockpole Green, Littlewick Green and Knowl Hill